Dear Miranda Friel:


Congratulations on your completion of the course Administering Injections for Compass Urgent Care. We recognize the contribution you have made toward the validation of your continued cognitive and skills competency as an medical professional. A PEG Learning certification signifies to the public and your peers that you have gone through an interactive and engaging testing process and maintained the standards needed to be a successful professional. You should be proud of maintaining your PEG Learning certification as this demonstrates your dedication to the medical profession as well as your desire to improve yourself. Please keep in mind that this is a certificate of completion, not a license. This certificate does not allow you to practice or perform outside of you scope or practice or current license level.


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Jacob Windham, NRP
Founder and President of PEG Learning


Course details
Certificate code:  928-4742-37
Course name: Administering Injections for Compass Urgent Care
Time of course: 1 month, 3 weeks
Completion date: March 4, 2019 with 100 total points
You can find more details of this course on the PEG Learning website at https://peglearning.com.