This course will demonstrate and describe the safe administration of medication by various methods including oral and injection (subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular). This course is intended for use by nursing and medical professionals, and those in training for those professions.

Course Curriculum

The history of medication 00:12:00
Medication safety
The complexity of medication 00:10:00
Preventable harm -Safe injection practices 00:03:00
Multidose v single dose medication vials 00:04:00
Medication administration routes
Common routes of medication administration 00:15:00
Anatomy and physiology
Sharps injuries
Sharps injuries consideration 00:15:00
How do sharps injuries occur? 00:10:00
What devices are involved with sharps injuries? 00:10:00
Important sharps injury information 00:15:00
Medication administration methods
--Intradermal injections
Introduction: Intradermal injections 00:03:00
How-to: Intradermal injections 00:05:00
Intradermal injections 00:30:00
--Subcutaneous injections
Introduction: Subcutaneous injections 00:02:00
How-to: Subcutaneous injections 00:04:00
Subcutaneous injections 00:30:00
--Intramuscular injections
Introduction: Intramuscular injections 00:03:00
How-to: Intramuscular injections 00:06:00
Intramuscular injections 00:30:00
Medication administration 01:00:00

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