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Common Clinical Medications

Jacob Windham
Last Update June 28, 2022
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About This Course

Medical clinics typically use steroids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and pain medications to treat patients. This course will test the learner’s knowledge of these medication types. The medication course includes common medications given in clinical settings. It is important to know both the Trade name and the generic names of all medications. It is also important to know the common side effect and contraindications for the medications. You will have to perform your own research to pass this course. You can ask Google, YouTube, or your friends.

Learning Objectives

You will have a better basic understanding of common medications given in a clinical setting.

Material Includes

  • Common clinical medications list (PDF)


  • Spend as much time as you need on the interactive lesson. When you feel ready, continue to the quiz to complete the course.

Target Audience

  • Medical Assistants
  • Nursing Students
  • Clinical Staff


1 Lesson2h

Learn common clinical medications

Interactive activity: common clinical medications

Test your knowledge

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Duration 2 hours
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Material Includes

  • Common clinical medications list (PDF)

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